The Fish Finger School Part IX

As we reached the basement, we had gone through the whole building accessible from the main entrance. In addition to the school and the stairway with the former teachers’ apartments, there was another stairway, which was only accessible from the outside. The door to it is the one on right.

The balconies featured some of the largest and best made graffiti in this building. Especially the one on the middle balcony was nice.

The stairway was basically a mirror image of the other one, except there was no entrance to the main school here.

The apartments here were larger and lighter here than in the other stairway.

Even the kitchens in this wing were original. They have gotten large graffiti pieces on the walls.

At this point we were distracted by a family of three picking flowers on the field on the opposite side of the road.

But even these apartments had been used as classrooms. The blackboard solution is rather innovative here.

These classrooms were much smaller than the ones in the school. Although the kitchens are original, some renovations have been made during the years. The lamps and the roof are not original.

Another kitchen in its original shape. They have really gone where the barrier is the lowest. Living rooms have been changed into classrooms, other rooms have been retained as they have been.

In some apartments even the smaller rooms have been converted to school space.

The former inhabitants have even enjoyed having a garden view from their windows.

Now it’s not about shoes anymore. Somebody actually forgot their trousers inside the abandoned school.

Some of the apartments were more damaged than others. This one had loads of wood chips on its floor.

This apartment had apparently been in apartment use for longer than the others as it had gotten a new kitchen.

Up, up we go.

The amount of wood chips was suprising. We were actually wondering where they came from as there were no wooden floors in this wing.

Once again this would have been a beautiful apartment with a touch of vintage. The doors were lovely.

The kitchens were on the side of the entrance, the living rooms on the side of the main school. Here’s yet another one in its original appearance.

Unfortunately we had to end our adventure here. Through the windows we had seen the kids we met earlier on the yard. They were walking from the main school towards the Language house. They were wearing hoods and masks and one of them was carrying a metal bar. They entered the Language house and started smashing things.

We really didn’t want to encounter them again, so we left.

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