Tour de Finland 2020

I had owned my summer car for a week now. After wondering and going through for days, where I’d actually take it, I realized something.

I had held the idea of buying a summer car for years, but there was an even bigger and older idea I had been hatching. Ever since I was seven, I had wanted to visit all municipalities in Finland. I actually did the tour between 2013 and 2018 and visited all current and former municipalities.

I loved it, but what I loved even more, was the Finnish summer. I was a bit sad, as I had visited most of my unseen places during the winter or late in the evening, in darkness.

A new idea was born. I would take a sabbatical, buy an old Volvo, start from Helsinki in early May and finish in Lapland when the fall colors are at their best. I didn’t have a sabbatical, but I realized I had just bought an old Volvo. All events were cancelled for the summer, there was nothing else to do but to travel. And I suddenly realized, that I had endless possibilities to do urbexing during this adventure.

I made my first route plan, which involved the capital region and its current and former municipalities. This is where it all began, at the church of Vantaa.

One hell of a summer was ahead.

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