The Sawyer’s Villa Part III

One of the nice, round windows we saw from the outside was in the staircase of the building.

When I photograph, I try to catch spaces and shapes. Some of my friends are more interested in details.

Well, let’s mimic them this time. This magazine from 1972 is about health and beauty. This issue features a special part about liver diseaces.

One side of the upstairs featured a rather large lobby. There’s a cupboard on the right. The extra lock on the door might indicate, that the house has been split into several apartments at some point of its life.

Another look at the nice round window. The roof still seems to be in pretty nice shape despite years of abandonment. I still wish somebody would rescue this beauty.

A view from the upstairs room. The roof looks pretty good here, too, despite the house having stood empty at least for almost a decade. In Google street view photos from 2011 already show broken windows.

The rooms upstairs are lower than downstairs. That’s why the ovens were smaller, too. That one looks rather funny, as it is so short.

The other round window of this end was in a side room. When writing this I found older photos from another urban explorer from this house. Back in 2014 there were wallpapers and even furniture inside.

The side rooms continued through this side of the building. There were also round windows in the other end of it.

That is not a ghost. Just the third one of our party.

Another window shot, where my lightning priorities didn’t really go as planned.

There was even a balcony. Unlike the roof, this one didn’t look safe at all, and we didn’t go there.

Another look at the stairs. Once again I have to comment the strange window layout. There’s a similar window downstairs in the basement stairs. Yet they also added the round window upstairs.

Another careful look towards the basement. We still chose not to go there.

This entry hall could have been magnificient. I mean look at all the light.

One final peek inside. And a final exterior shot of it all. Bye, cutie.

As you can see, the sun is setting, but none of us had to hurry home this time. That’s why I suggested another place with a creepy side story and a horrible history.

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