The Sawyer’s Villa Part II

Like I promised, we’ll start with the ground floor of this large, red, early 20th century villa we found with my friends.

There had been several layers of wallpaper, the latest of which was bright yellow. Most likely it has been ripped off by less friendly fellow explorers, although there is the possibility that someone at some point has wanted to see the logs to learn more about the condition of this building either to renovate it or to move it to give it a new life in another location.

I almost wish that was the case. This was a beautiful old building, and I would love to see it get renovated.

Like I said earlier, I believe this to be the former living room. It was the biggest of all rooms, but also had the biggest fireplace. It looks a little like it has been green, but I really hope, that it hasn’t been green while the walls have been yellow. The combination would have hurt the eye.

There were also big built in cupboards in the living room. I won’t promise you they are original, but they are nevertheless very old.

Another one of my windows. Not one of the best, though.

Another room, which was orange. I believe this to have been the kitchen. The smashed plywood thingy there is not the floor, but rather a large shelf.

This was in one of the walls. ‘Put an X if you were here. Grab a pen there.” I wonder, what happens, when the table is full.

One of the reasons I believe the orange room to have been the kitchen are the tiles on the walls. The second thing is the ventilation shaft. This looks like the corner, where the stove and washing basin were located, if there ever was running water in this house.

The third room downstairs was yellow again. There had been a door to the living room seen in one of my earlier photos, but it had been shut at some point.

The shut door can be seen on the right. It looks like somebody painted the fireplaces yellow when they bought the yellow wallpaper. That would’ve hurt the eye a lot less than green fireplaces and yellow wallpaper, even though they are my two favourite colours.

A look towards the orange room. There’s yet another differently shaped and sized window from all the others. That one looks like a slightly later addition.

And a look from the kitchen towards the main entrance.

Another window shot.

And the stairway to heav… oh, well, at least the bedrooms.

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