Collapse Is Imminent Part II

I did promise a look inside, so here we go. It seems like there were a lot of personal belongings in the house, but it was just too unsafe to enter the rooms. The only way to explore was to look and photograph through the windows and collapsed wall sections.

Just look at the greenish side of the laundry basket. That is either paint or mould.

Another attempt at photographing the insides. It looked pretty failed at first, but when I noticed the reflection, it became pretty ingenious.

Some of the furniture had been thrown outside…

…and some of it looked more like it had been thrown back in, although I think the collapse of the building had something to do with this strange arrangement.

The almost complete lack of walls allowed several different viewpoints.

Basically the same view as in the previous picture, just a little to the left.

And this one is through the window seen in the first picture. Apparently this was once the living room.

The condition of the house was such, that I believe it would be flattened and gone in a matter of winters.

There were a lot of tools around the property. It seemed almost as if somebody had tried to start doing something.

And this, this is one of the greatest mysteries of my urbanex career.

At the end of the road leading to the house was a small barrack. It contained tools and renovation equipment, but it was in a very bad shape and looked like being almost as old as the house.

I’ve checked the satellite images from the property, and the barrack is clearly visible in them. I’ve also checked the Street View from 2011, and the house seems abandoned by then, as the garage doors stood wide open. According to an old urbex website, the last personal artifacts are from around 2002.

There’s one problem, however. In the Street View pictures there is no barrack.

My imagination makes up a story as follows: somebody bought the property between 2011 and 2019. They brought in the barrack to be used during the construction project and started demolishing the mouldy old house. Something happened, and the house and the barrack were left for the vandals.

Well, whatever happened, the story of this building is now over. Somebody bought the property and applied for a demolition permit and the permit to build a new one family house on the property. Permission was granted in 2021, and there’s actually today an open doors event at the new house, so this ruin is no more.

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