Fresh Brew Part II

We explored all floors of the building, but the higher up we got, the more difficult it was becoming to breathe. The windows upstairs were intact, and the air changed less. The large glass windows let in a lot of heat and the air was extremely humid. It was almost as if we were in a greenhouse.

To make matters worse, the walls were growing mould, and the smell was pretty intense. It was mixed with a strong odour of old malt.

More mysterious machinery.

The machines occupied the full height of the room, but my knowledge on brewing beer is so narrow, I have no idea of their use. I’m better at drinking beer than making it.

Most paint had come off the walls.

I wonder what this place was like to work in. Was the smell of malt as strong as now? Did the machines make a lot of noise? Did you get to taste the beer?

Up here it was difficult to distinguish what was paint and what was pidgeon feces. The smell and heat were becoming unbearable by now.

There were large tanks upstairs.

The tanks were of different shapes and sizes.

You could see pretty far from the top floor. The area where the brewery was located was heavily changing with blocks of flats being built everywhere around it.

New houses on this side were already ready.

There were massive leaks on the roof. Yet this section of the building along with the ones made from bricks on both sides of it and some older wooden buildings were supposed to be preserved. Discussions were made about replacing this 60’s concrete section with a new building of similar size and shape, but things were standing still because the company owning the brewery was bankrupt.

Here we are sneaking back out through the front door next to another nice vintage television. The 60’s part of the factory was the only part of the building we could access, the rest was out of bounds.

The facade from the opposite side of the building.

I tried to enter the other buildings several times, but was unsuccessful. In 2019 the large storage and distribution centre and several newer parts of the brewery were demolished. Three wooden buildings and the red brick buildings on both side of the concrete building still stand and are protected. Parts of the facade of the concrete building were demolished probably to finally remove the machinery inside.

Since then nothing has happened. The brewery stands largely abandoned, and new blocks of flats are being built all around it. Apparently they are investigating, whether the old brick buildings would survive, if the concrete part was demolished.

All pictures from the brewery in the gallery.

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