The Quiet School by the Market Square Part VII

The fourth floor corridor was pretty much like all the previous ones.

The long metal bars have been used to hang large charts to the front of the class. I hope the teacher was away, when they came down.

The blackboard had been removed, but was still in the class. A strange display had been built on top of school desks. I wonder, what that scene is all about.

The shock of the school closing was too much for this poor chair, who fainted.

One alphabet was not enough for this classroom. They needed two.

Another thing the pupils had been given the chance to leave their mark on, were the dustbins. Someone has given his or her schoolmates the chance to cheat in the German verb test with this one.

Welcome to the former arts class. This classroom and its backroom were largely empty, but did contain some memories from better days.

I’m not sure, how this was done. I’m not sure even if it was complete. But it certainly was a good fit in this strange, empty gallery room.

The backroom was far more interesting. Not all the coffee machines in this school had found their way to the first room. My question is, how much coffee did they actually drink in this place?

These look healthy. The transparent liquid was used to preserve the surface of coal and chalk paintings, the brown bottle is nitric acid used at least in metal etching. The bottles are very old, as the company manufacturing the transparent liquids changed name after a takeover in 1992.

The backroom housed another set of slides. I don’t know if this is from the art lesson or the sex education lesson.

Can you spot the differences?

Why these were in the art class was another mystery to me. Perhaps they were used as materials for assignments, as there were not many current laws left in those anymore in 2005.

Imagine finding this bakery box and expecting a treat – and finding broken and disfigured ceramic statues.

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