A Chinese Affair Part X

The newest wing of the hospital began with a narrow corridor. Water had found its way in from somewhere. Probably through the broken window to the left. There weren’t too many entrances to the oldest part of the hospital, but they did make up for that here. What is this, the third? And I’m stillContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part X”

A Chinese Affair Part IX

The first room by the corridor was a mess. There’s a large fabric covering carboard boxes with Chinese writing on them and some desks at the back. Behind them were even more boxes of something important needed in running the welfare centre. Another room with lots of closets, but this one was different from theContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part IX”

A Chinese Affair Part VIII

A view from the third floor balcony. And this one made me quite sad. The surrounding nature was beautiful and actually the two older hospital buildings were nice and well designed, too. Right next to the balcony and the beautiful view were the isolation rooms. Quite a contrast. They had thick metal doors, apparently bulletproofContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part VIII”

A Chinese Affair Part VII

Old main building, floor two, room one. Wall paintings like these can be found in schools and other public buildins from the 1950’s and early 1960’s. They indicate, that indeed no major renovations had been made. Another messed up office with the small white things appearing again. Still wonder what they are. The photo isContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part VII”

A Chinese Affair Part VI

A closer look at the narrow metallic shelves, the use of which I have wondered so many times before. The only thing I can think of is, that there has been an archive room somewhere in the building and these have been brought out from there. A look back towards the main entrance, which isContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part VI”

A Chinese Affair Part V

Upstairs I found a small room with a windowed wall towards the lobby. This must have been used by the staff of the hospital. This is probably closest to finding myself from an abandoned building. I used to work for a sister newspaper of this one back in the summer of 2011, and we exchangedContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part V”

A Chinese Affair Part IV

The red door let to a corridor with more messy rooms. They contained the same stuff as the previous ones: chinese paintings, chairs and tables. There seemed to be absolutely no logic in how the furniture was stored. When exiting one room you could never know what would be in the next one. In thisContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part IV”

A Chinese Affair Part III

The first find was a connecting corridor to the second corridor in this wing. It was like H-shaped with one row of rooms on both sides and one row of rooms in the middle. In the first room were chopsticks, china and something, which looked a little like my school desk years back. Notice theContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part III”

A Chinese Affair Part I

In Finland there is a saying that something is a Chinese affair. It means that it requires quite a lot of effort to understand what the thing is about, and despite trying hard, is not quite understandable after all. Well this place is a real Chinese affair. And quite literally too. This building is aContinue reading “A Chinese Affair Part I”

Senseless Destruction Part II

The first interior shot from the main building, which I entered through a back door area, which had suffered a fire. Perhaps this is when you realize the title of this post. I have never seen a building, which has suffered such an extensive damage by vandals. I mean, there is literally nothing left. AllContinue reading “Senseless Destruction Part II”