The Forest Cottage

Next to a highway between two rural towns I spotted this.

A tiny cottage with covered windows, such a common sight outside Finnish cities.

Only the windows facing the road were covered. This was a clear sign of abandonment.

The yard was fully overgrown and it was a bit difficult to reach the door through all the burning nettles.

But in the end I did manage to get inside. The interior was very traditional and very primitive. The table and the benches were of a very traditional style. There was even a large baking oven and a bread shovel on the wall.

The destruction was pretty total. Even the floor had collapsed.

There were actually two ovens in the building, the large baking oven and the smaller, traditional stove. I believe, that the baking oven was a later addition and this was the original one.

Like I said, the cottage was very primitive. There really was nothing extra here. The wood plane indicates, that things were done by hand here.

A sign of modern life: an electric stove and oven.

This blurry image shows the edition of forest magazine from 1997. The address behind the magazine was to a row house apartment in the nearby town, so apparently there has been no life in the cottage that late.

So much for that little hut, then.

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