The Fish Finger School Part VIII

This was apparently the music class, as there were a lot of music books and sheets on the floor.

In addition to music books there was drawing related stuff on the floor.

Harry Potter stuff. Yay!

The books did seem a little bit outdated. Even my generation had more modern ones.

Drawing on desktops was something we did a lot during primary school. Luckily I was never caught.

At this point we started hearing noise from the main school. It sounded like somebody was smashing things up there.

The freshest markings on the walls were from the day of our visit.

Preparing food in a microwave owen. Suppose that’s important for secondary school pupils.

After going through the second floor we did something which I usually don’t do. We went back to the staircase and entered the basement.

This is the boiler room. Probably there has been an oil powered central heating system back in the days, but now that the school has been connected to the heating network, that has been removed.

One more post to go – this time.

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