The Fish Finger School Part VII

On the other side of the wall to the narrow roof was a side corridor with classrooms. The corridor was very light and very nice.

The rooms were spacious and the ceiling was pretty high. Everything had been smashed here. Even lamps had been torn from the ceiling.

Once again I’ve found the final coffee of the school. The previous time it was still in the coffee machine, now it’s just on the table.

Even this classroom was totally smashed.

The classrooms had windows near the ceiling with large shades. Even they had been damaged some way.

Sheet music printed on transparent sheets and used on overhead projectors. Although still common in my youth, I haven’t seen any projectors in this school.

So the kids have been making flowers.

All chairs and tables in the room have been thrown in one pile.

The pupils have had their own lockers, it seems.

A Swedish notebook by someone. As Swedish is one of the most hated subjects in schools, I don’t wonder at all, why they didn’t take it home with them when they graduated.

Even a Swedish test is laying in the rubble. The grade is’t even that bad.

Posters. The best lessons were, when we were allowed to do those. Every time we started a new subject on a lesson, we asked our teacher, if we could do posters. Often we could.

That one is about Norway.

They have even destroyed the fluorescent tube lamps. That is always especially smart, as the tubes contain hazardous substances like quicksilver.

Mimmy has written their name on two different walls, as one wasn’t enough.

Some of the classrooms had cupboards and wash basins at the back.

It wasn’t just the people of Vantaa and Espoo arguing. A local gang from another corner of Vantaa had left their mark on this classroom.

The sinks and closets were a feature of several of the classrooms.

More destroyed fluorescent bulbs. The strenght to tear the lamps from the ceiling has been achieved by eating Pringles.

To be continued.

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