The Fish Finger School Part VI

The pen has been attached to a wall to avoid theft. So somebody removed the wall.

The back room of the school kitchen. The city has tried to avoid unauthorized visitors by blocking windows, but it has proved to be pretty useless.

At this point we also realized that we weren’t alone in the building. There was a group of young teenage boys, who we met in the canteen. They seemed pretty polite and even greeted us when we met.

Most kitchen appliances had been removed, but the fridges were still there.

These are the doors, where the strange feet were hanging when we first arrived. They led to a stairway.

Like I said several times earlier, this was called the Language house.

According to this there had been a teachers’ meeting just a few weeks back. That is bullshit, and the text has been written by a former pupil. The school had been closed for more than a year at that point.

The location of the classrooms behind the kitchen revealed, that the use of the rooms had been changed at some point. The solutions were pretty innovative.

A lost shoe, the most common thing found in abandoned buildings. Wonder, where all the Cinderellas of Finland are.

The small classrooms in the staircase behind the kitchen had balconies. They have probably been teacher apartments as it was very common back in the 50’s and 60’s to house them at schools. This was a way to attract teachers to schools in remote locations, and this was one.

The kitchens were probably in their original appearance from the 50’s. That is real vintage.

The door up front leads to the back of the kitchen. The stairs down the right head to the exit. Up front is a mystery.

Oh yes, definitely old teachers’ apartments. Did I already mention, that I love the 1950’s handrails.

The wooden doors are original too. These would have become wonderful apartments with a touch of vintage had they been located somewhere else.

The bathroom floor was original, too. It was made of the same hexagonal tiles as the one in my own bathroom back then.

Another kitchen. This one has suffered much less vandalism than the previous one. Despite its age it’s in a remarkably good shape.

So we reach the second floor. The architecture of the building is rather interesting here, but ok.

To be continued.

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2 thoughts on “The Fish Finger School Part VI

  1. I see a roof ladder! Do you ever check out roof tops, or are you an inside-only kind of person when exploring an abandonment? As for me, I always make it a point to explore the entire place, including rooftops, tunnels, etc.

    I took this picture in 2019, standing on a roof top that was 8 stories up. The factory building itself occupied an entire city block and due to its age, it had separate buildings that supplied power, steam, and water. Fun times. 🙂

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