The Fish Finger School Part V

A closer look at the books on the floor of the Language House’s entrance hall. This article is about a national park in the northern part of Finland very close to where I used to live for ten years.

Biology books or books about mushrooms had gotten no mercy in the hands of people throwing stuff around the school.

From the mess we could even identify a Swedish book.

The toilets had taken their share of the suffering. Of course we didn’t expect anything else.

A closeup of the Swedish textbook.

This is probably what once was the teachers’ study.

Even the teachers had left everything behind. Not really sure if this complies with the GDPR or not.

So this was where the teachers had coffee and gossiped about pupils. The teachers’ study was something, which you never got to visit as a pupil. Now I’ve been to several of them.

At least some of the most sensitive files have been shredded, when the school closed. And now the stuff is all over the place.

That has required some imagination. I mean of all the things you can tag on a cupboard door in an abandoned school and you choose Opel Astra.

This game of hockey seems a bit lost to me. Or perhaps it was the teachers, who were playing it. Who knows.

Old disquettes. Old schools are probably the only place you can find those anymore.

More prehistoric things: photo slides and some film.

I sincerely hope they weren’t running Windows XP anymore. But wait a second, this isn’t a home.

And here is the ice hockey board game from the packaging. Even this one hasn’t been saved from destruction. I was rather thinking, it would have been a cool thing to play a game of Stiga in an abandoned school while eating those macarons seen earlier.

The large room next to the teachers’ study was the canteen. Here’s a look over to the kitchen.

And another look back towards the teachers’ premises. The mess was total.

I really have nothing to say about this.

Now when I come to think of it, I’m not really sure, if this was a classroom or a teachers’ study. Probably the latter, as pupils didn’t have access to soft chairs like the one in the picture.

To be continued.

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