The Fish Finger School Part IV

So this is it, the entrance to the language house. As you can see, the destruction is total. All glass on the doors has been smashed and the yellow crumbs on the floor are insulation material from the building.

The doors opened to a small lobby. The glass walled room is probably where the caretakers have been sitting back in the days.

The stairs lead to the second floor. They are of a beautiful, yet simplistic 1950’s architecture. I wish such stairs and handrails would still be made.

We wouldn’t yet head up. A corridor opened to the right, but we wouldn’t go there either.

The mess included a destroyed tape deck, some English books and a destroyed fatboy with its contents thrown all around the place. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those things pretty expensive back in the days?

An English book for fourth grade. This is apparently the teachers’ edition with all the correct answers. Well, this was the language house, after all.

To the left of the entrance was the gym. Destruction was pretty total there, too.

I just love old school gyms. They’re so beautiful with their wooden floors and large windows. Sadly they are a disappearing feature.

One thing that makes them so special are the stages. That poor thing there on the floor is an electric organ.

The stages almost always have side entrances and small rooms for the performers.

The text in the back of the scene says Pope.

A closer view on the poor organ and extremely random stuff around it.

And the text at the back of the scene in full. ‘Pope, talk’, it says.

So this is what happes, when you throw a piano off the scene.

The small room for the performers next to the scene has apparently spent its last years as a storage for gym stuff.

An escape route?

Well, we certainly wouldn’t escape, as we had only started our exploration.

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