We’ll Show You The Morgue Part VI

We next found the main lobby and what was probably the main entrance to the hospital. We started looking for a way to the other wing of the building, but before that we found some unexplored rooms in the back of the building.

This is probably where the patients were admitted to the hospital. The lobby was now full of old stuff.

A closer look at the counter from as close as the piles of junk allowed me. As you can see, all the glass from the wall is now in pieces on the counter.

The hospital library. With its user manual here.

We are still on the first floor somewhere behind the main entrance.

A second curtain! And that in pieces on the floor is the door to the room.

The first floor corridor, which we’ve already visited, if I can count correctly.

This is what it looks like behind the entrance counter. A typewriter, remains of the central radio and lots of coffee mugs. Notice the loose floor tiles – a feature seen many times before in my photos from old hospitals.

The building behind the window is the nursing home, the staff of which seem to call the police on intruders. We had to be quiet and careful.

Teleste is the manufacturer of the central radio system in almost every abandoned public building I’ve ever visited. The book on the counter is probably another instruction booklet.

I actually feel sad for that typewriter. I love them. The previous summer I even got one, fixed it and practiced how to use it. It’s quite different from a keyboard.

One more room, the old telephone central according to the sign on the door. And the roof mystery has finally been solved. This room is directly below the wards pictured before, and the beams have indeed been visible.

Next we searched and searched, but couldn’t figure out where the corridor to the other wing started from. We went as far to look for it as the basement. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know, I never go to them, as they are horrible.

And so was this one. It was pitch dark, it smelled foul. It was hard to breathe and every place was crammed with stuff we stumbled upon. I said I didn’t want to go any further and we returned to the main lobby.

And voilà, there it is. It started right from the main entrance, so the layout was pretty similar to the second mental asylum I managed to enter that summer.

There are two options here now. Either We’ll find the morgue or things will get really freaky. You may guess, which option was the one we were faced with.

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