We’ll Show You The Morgue Part V

So we’ve reached the top floor of this wing. What still remains to be explored is the whole other one seen somewhere over there.

A look down. The 1960’s was the first decade, during which not much emphasis was placed on the stairways of the buildings. Despite this one being just a side one, it is extremely dull.

Ok, now we’re getting a bit more random here. The manual of a dishwasher has somehow ended up here.

The backpack seen earlier wasn’t alone. It’s friends are right here along with some other clothing. But what on earth are they doing in an abandoned mental asylum?

I don’t think reading the manual will help anymore.

Cinderella, where are you?

No, but really. The amount of lonely pairless shoes in abandoned houses is just amazing.

We go on finding more bags.

I mean, really?

An empty bag of licorice. And pretty good licorice. Has probably been left here by some teenagers, as majors would have opted for beer.

Instead of bags here we have a coat.

A beach bag. And another hymn book.

These desks were pretty much a standard feature at the start of each corridor.

A small kitchen. Probably a break room for the staff, as I think the patients ate in a canteen somewhere in the building.

The elevator in the main staircase. This is where the fourth floor ends. But we’re far from done yet.

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