We’ll Show You The Morgue Part VII

We were faced with a very large lobby, which was in a horrible condition. As the hospital was built on a hillside, this floor was partly the ground floor and partly the basement. But we’re still above ground level.

The room had what looked like a buffet. It seems we found the canteen of the hospital.

The mess and vandalism in this part of the building were far worse than in the other wing. There’s a simple explanation to that, though. This wing was closer to the higway and the service station by it, so naturally it attracted more people.

This time the small items were styrofoam chips instead of pills like in the other mental asylum.

As you can see, we’re now below ground level. The small windows near the roof hint at that.

Those things had probably been cupboards.

The layout in the basement was different than above ground. Here it wasn’t just a straight corridor through the building, but differently sized rooms between corridors.

We finally reached the first floor. Clearly somebody had used this window as an escape route. Perhaps it was the one with the chair below it seen in the first post from this location.

The last picture I managed to get in this hospital, before things got freaky.

“There’s an old lady on the yard. She’s staring right here”, my friend said in a loud voice.

“Well, duck”, I shouted back. And we all went down very quickly.

After what seemed like a few minutes or so, someone started walking back and forth right below the window next to us. This happened several times.

When the steps vanished, I told my friends, that we should leave immediately. There was only one way out and we were on the opposite side of the building from it. But if we were quick, we might be able to escape before the guards came in the case the lady had called somebody.

As quickly and quietly as possible we made our way back down the stairs, through the canteen and to the corridor connecting the two parts of the building. That was when we heard a car arrive and park right next to us by the main door and leave its engine running.

We stopped and tried to hold still, but it was impossible. All of the windows had been smashed and we were standing right on the glass splinters on the floor. A horrible noise came of every time we moved our feet one inch. We couldn’t see what was going on, as the window openings were covered, but we could hear everything that happened outside and they could hear everything we did.

After what seemed like an eternity, we heard voices of kids. They were certainly no older than 12, probably around 10 years old and they were making a huge noise. We heard only them and the car, nobody else, and we decided, that the car couldn’t be from a security company. If it had been, the driver would have reacted to the kids.

We ran quickly and quietly towards the balcony we entered through, the only exit in the building. We were just one turn away, when we heard, that the kids were actually trying to enter through it, but were too small to reach the handrail.

We waited until they disappeared and slowly crawled to the balcony. I lifted my head to see if the route was clear. Well, it wasn’t. Suddenly the park in front of the hospital was filled with at least a dozen retirees admiring the roses planted there.

We waited another few minutes on the balcony. I stood up, saw that the route was clear, jumped down and landed right in the middle of three primary school kids on bikes, who started screaming and fell instantly.

I tried to help my friends out while simultaneously calming down the horrified kids explaining that we are up to no bad, just photographing.

The boys calmed down and asked if we could help them in. We declined. They were far too small to get out safely and this was no good place to them. They asked what was inside and we told them. I asked them to return the favour and tell us what exactly had happened outside.

They told us that there had been a car parked and a girl and a boy were sitting inside.

“They had no trousers on”, one of the kids added.

So the case was closed. We were scared shitless by a group of children and a young couple, who had probably borrowed their dad’s car to drive somewhere private and enjoy eachother.

We went to have dinner to the nearby service station. The boys also came there and joined a bigger group of young boys. The three spoke intensively while all the others listened. And at times the whole group gave us looks of fear and respect.

So I never got to see the morgue. Tuukkala hospital was demolished in 2021.

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