We’ll Show You The Morgue Part IV

So far the hospital had offered us little more than smashed rooms with office furniture and old hospital equipment. On the third floor we found something almost unseen in this building: curtains.

An old hymn book. These were common in old institutions back in the days.

The third floor corridor. It looks like the authorities have trained here at some point, as that tape is here.

More ward rooms. It looks like the roof has been ripped down along with all the pipes, insulation and cables, but where is all that stuff?

Or then I can’t tell the difference between moldy roof panels and concrete, as the pattern looks similar here than it looked in the previous picture. But here the beams are not visible.

Some sort of a reception desk here.

Another tiny office room.

Okay, I’ll stop trying to figure out the story of the roofs. This one definitely doesn’t have beams visible but does have a similar room height above the windows. I can’t solve this mystery. But that on the roof is definitely mold.

Another totally destroyed room. There probably have been a square shaped loudspeaker and a round clock on the wall. And the walls seem to have originally been yellow.

The end of the endless corridor is near.

A small auxiliary room. The small hatch on the left is either for the trash or the laundry. I suspect the latter because of the nature of this institution.

The bathroom has received new walls. That happened in the 1980’s judging by the color. But the floor is again most definitely original.

One more floor to go on this wing. Some poor explorer has forgotten their coat here.

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2 thoughts on “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part IV

  1. Hi, could you share the adress, I’m not planning on vandalizing the place, put exploring it? Tho I do understand if you want to keep it to yourself 🙂

    1. I’m sorry, Blue. I still don’t share locations with strangers. This place can’t be explored any more, though. It was demolished in 2021.

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