We’ll Show You The Morgue Part III

The previous post ended in stairs, this one begins with stairs. Behind the corner from the last view was fire hose, plastic and some random cloth.

This really is a weird decoration element and certainly not an original feature. But why, jus why is there a goose every two ducks? I don’t get this.

This corridor was in a much worse shape than the previous one. It looks if as a firework has exploded here. The door on the right says bath.

This is the former bathroom, which now is a spacious inva toilet. The floor tiles here are original, and the two waterpipes on the wall to the left have indeed probably once been above a bathtub.

The bathroom actually was larger than most of the small sheds that were along the corridors.

Probably an old ward with a few mutilated hospital beds and something, which looks like pretty bad water damage.

That graffiti looks like it’s been there for pretty long time, as the paint has started to peel off it.

Another interesting board in the office room. Unfortunately I didn’t give it a closer shot.

Something to brighten up the nurses’ day, perhaps?

The hole in the wall reveals another interesting looking wallpaper experiment.

Another ward with most of the insulation from the roof thrown into one, stinky, moldy pile on the floor.

This pretty much is the story in this part of the building.

A graveyard of office desks.

End of the second floor in building one. We’re now on the balcony above the low wing and went to check if we could reach the other building this way. There was a door, but it was locked.

Let’s move on to the third floor. The elevator is out of use, probably has been for a decade or so. We’ll have to take the stairs.

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2 thoughts on “We’ll Show You The Morgue Part III

  1. But why, jus why is there a goose every two ducks? I don’t get this.

    Duck Duck Goose is a playground game that is popular here in the United States. Why this simple childhood game made it all the way to a wallpaper pattern in Finland is beyond me.

    According to Wikipedia, “the object of this game is to walk in a circle, tapping on each player’s head until one is finally chosen; the chosen player must then chase the picker to avoid becoming the next picker.”

    1. Thank you! Of course there was a logical explanation. The Finnish version is called Tervapata (Tar Kettle) and is played a bit differently.

      Yet the question remains. Why is that in a Finnish mental asylum. 😀

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