We’ll Show You The Morgue Part II

Inside we are. Already in the first rooms you could see that the hospital was badly damaged. There was a lot of wear on the walls, debris and glass everywhere.

The colors and materials were a bit different than in the previous mental asylums I had visited, but all in all this was very much like the previous ones. Long corridors with small rooms on both sides.

That looks like an old dentist’s chair.

The former room of the senior physician.

A small kitchen. The floor tiles are definitely very old, so are the cupboards. I’m starting to suspect that the hospital buildings never received any major facelift or renovation. So this is an original mental asylum from the 1960’s.

A small tiled glass box and a room full of drawers. The paper on the side of the cupboard says ‘stuff coming to the ward’.

A collection of dentist’s chairs and other hospital equipment.

Another room with miscellaneous stuff in it.

I always wonder why the vandals want to smash up the roofs to reveal all the pipes and proceed to tear all the insulation containing asbestos down. Asbestos dust is after all dangerous if inhaled.

A small room with cupboards, shelves and a microwave owen.

This seems to be rooms reserved for the staff of the hospital. The room with the windows looks like a former office.

The lamp has gone through some rough treatment.

This is about all there was. Most people think that abandoned mental asylums are exciting or scary places. There wasn’t anything the least bit scary here, I can tell you.

Oh, a stairway. As we’ve now pretty much explored most of the first floor of the first wing, this seems like an interesting place to go to.

The stairs were covered in paint, which had come off the roof. The stairs were square shaped with two larger plateaus between floors. This was an unusual feature.

But what is behind the corner? Will we ever reach the morgue? Find out in the next episode.

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