Got Past The Final Boss Part V

Known as the bird attic, the top floor of one of the wings contained five accommodation rooms and a common room.

The rooms were located by a corridor. Almost all doors were open.

The first room was a shower and bath. The last renovations had probably been made after 2000, because the room looks to be in a good shape save for the vandalism.

Another bathroom / shower. It is probable that one was for the ladies and one for gentlemen.

One of the accommodation rooms. This one featuret two beds.

It’s fairly surprising that the windows are still intact. People have spent time here drinking, like the old lady told me in the first place.

Another room, this time empty.

At least there were enough exits.

A look back towards the corridor I came from.

This dark corridor was located on the first floor. The main entrance is on the opposite side of it.

The first floor contained this one rather large classroom with lots of windows.

Next to the main corridor was a smaller office corridor.

There was also an elevator, and this one is probably one of the only photos of it.

Another exit. This one leads to the back yard.

The rooms featured a display for brochures and a small wooden table.

The ground floor was much darker than all other areas of the building. The reason was, that windows were closed with plywood.

A pile of rather exclusive looking old fashioned furniture in the corner of one room.

The view from behind the receptionist’s desk. The drawings of the building are on the table.

Another office room and more blueprints. And the footprints of previous explorers.

One more look at the completely messed ground floor main corridor.

Chinese fabrics with the name of a company and image of an airplane. The Chinese didn’t manage any proper activities in the buildings and probably never will.

Commercials about education. I wonder, if this was what they were supposed to do here.

Now it gets a bit strange, as there were loads of different brochures of tourism in Northern Karelia. The place is nowhere near Northern Karelia.

So it was time to leave the main building.

I’ll publish one more post from this location before moving on. In that one I’ll show some of the other buildings in the area and give an update on their current situation.

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