Got Past The Final Boss Part VI

Like I promised, the final post from this location is all about the other buildings and their history. The large block of flats to the right is a former dormitory. It was built in the 1970’s, when the area was starting to be used for shorter teacher training periods.

Next we’ll turn our attention to the smaller building on the left.

This is a sauna building and it is also protected by the detail plan. The old lady, who showed me the area told me, that she had locked the door that very morning after last night’s vandalism. She told me the sauna had been renovated in the 2000’s, and she was particularly angry about it being abandoned calling it a waste of money numerous times.

The functionalistic new main building. Even this building is protected. There have been rumors about a massive water leak in the basement, so the future of this one is a bit unclear.

From the same era as the old main building is the former seminar headmaster’s apartment building. It is also protected.

Another shot from the same building. It was inaccessible this time.

Basically the dormitory building would have been accessible through the window next to the door, but there was just too much broken glass in the frames for me to even try.

The backside of the old headmaster’s apartment. There was no way in here either.

Another door. Unfortunately this one, too, was locked.

A bit further away was the old canteen built at the same time as the new main building in the 1930’s. This was the fifth of the old buildings with a protected status.

A closer look a the building shows that it has, too, suffered of some vandalism, but not as excessive as some of the other buildings.

In fact the lunch buffet is still waiting for new visitors inside. Amazing, really.

The round stairway is a nice detail. There’s a nursing home right next to this building, so maybe that’s why the vandals have spent more time in other parts of the area.

One more look at the former main building.

And the old and new main buildings together. After a long and successful exploration I left the property.

So how is it doing now? In 2021 the authorities granted the town some funds to the upkeep and guarding of the buildings, and in early 2022 the area finally found a buyer, which is a property development company. They are currently making plans for the reuse of the old buildings and the construction of two (or three, if the old dormitory is demolished) housing blocks of flats.

In early 2023 there were plans to sell the town hall to the same property company and to relocate the town hall to these buildings. The politicians said no, so the future is still unknown.

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