Got Past The Final Boss Part IV

So this is what’s on top of the auditorium: the new gym built in the 1950’s.

A more general look on the room. Apparently there was equipment for gymnastics, while the bar and the mirror hint, that even ballet was being danced here at some point.

Well, at least the windows are intact here and even the roof isn’t leaking.

Of course somebody had found it necessary to break the mirrors.

A lonely bandy ball was sitting on the floor. I still wonder, where all this dust has come from. Usually everything is covered in white powder, where fire extinguishers have been fired, but I found none here.

They must have been really bad at playing, if this was the conclusion.

The gym from the other direction. Clocks have stopped, but the carpets have been moved recently.

The ladies’ dressing room. This is the place where I always wanted to sneak into during my school years.

It was a very narrow room with one shower. I don’t think that the gym groups were that big back then, if this is all.

If there’s a ladies’ dressing room, there must also be one for men.

Surprisingly this one’s larger, as most teachers are women. Even the shower area was a whole room.

The third and topmost floor of the building again contained some empty space.

The same froom from another angle. The shape of it looks somehow strange.

The room from yet another angle. It was long and narrow and featured a dishwasher.

The third floor contained smaller rooms, which were probably former offices.

Another tiny office room. The furniture left here is exactly the same as in the previous one.

Yet another version of the standard office clocks. They all have stopped in different times. To me that is an indication of the electricity still being on when this one was ripped off the wall.

The coffee room and phone have been in this room.

A coffee room indeed. There surely were enough stoves for everyone, but what is the dartboard doing here?

There was even a small balcony with an ashtray. A reminder of times, when everybody smoked everywhere.

This thing seems to have flown quite far from the gym.

Such nice art!

There was another staircase in this end of the building. The old brick house is a sauna. The lady, who guided me in, told me, that it had been renovated not too many years before abandonement.

Another clock and again a different time.

There’s one more wing to explore, and that will be something completely different.

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