Got Past The Final Boss Part III

This is the sight that greeted me, when I entered the new main building. Like most buildings of this era, its wings were build in different levels.

So this is the main corridor running through the building on the first floor. Most of the furniture in the building had been stored here. There was also a receptionist’s desk here as there was in the old main building.

To the other direction from the lobby was this narrow and dark corridor. Of couse by the look of the windows I already realized, that this was where another assembly hall would be located.

And behind the double doors in the previous picture, the corridor continued.

And the door to the left in the previous picture lead to this auditorium, which was indeed a surprise find.

I really didn’t expect this view. There were rows of plush old seats rising towards the back of the room. I later googled the history of the place, and this room had originally been the gym. The building had been expanded in the 1950’s, when this room had been converted into an auditorium and a new gym built atop of it.

Another view from the front of the auditorium showing its sheer size.

And a view from the top. A good 100 people could be studying here simultainiously.

There were also some side rooms stuffed with old furnitures and a library of, well, something.

Another small room, the use of which was unclear. Note the strangely regular purple footprints.

Going up the main staircase, there were lonely pieces of furniture along the way. Next to the seminar a teaching school was built in the 1950’s. It was one of the schools in the town, but the teachers studying here were practicing in it. It was demolished a few years prior and replaced with a new school, which can be seen being built on the opposite side of the road.

And up we go again. The main entrance is down and to the right. The main corridor is down and to the left. But I decided to go up.

In this part of the building there were again some rooms, the use of which I couldn’t figure out.

Judging by all the outlets these had been offices. But you can never know.

The second floor corridor. The rooms pictured earlier are to the left of the picture.

But all in all they seemed like classrooms.

And the desks here yet again strenghtened the impression. These had indeed been classrooms.

This was the way the chairs were placed in my childhood school for Christmas. We all sat in a large square facing each other.

The second floor corridor as seen from the other end.

On this floor there were also several small rooms, which looked like office blocks. Please note the large mirror on the wall to the right.

Another classroom and an elevator. It looked highly unlikely, that an elevator would have been built into a class. Which probably means, that the use of the rooms had been changed in the course of history.

And the other side of a mirror. Openings like this were located in some of the rooms in the building. Apparently they were one sided mirrors meant for observing students.

A small storage room with one of the one sided mirrors.

And another rather large classroom.

This one was a lot larger than the other rooms. Also the walls looked like this one has been preserved in a more original state than the others.

Oh, look! An old overhead projector. These were still mainstream, when I did my high school in the 2000’s.

To be continued.

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