Got Past The Final Boss Part II

The first view to the courtyard from the second floor windows. The brick building visible behind the trees is a former dormitory built in the 1970’s, when the seminar was closed and converted to providing other forms of education.

Most of the second floor was what was the real gem of the building: the main assembly hall. And yes, what you can see on the wall is an organ. I’ve never seen anything like that in an abandoned building before.

Same view, a different angle. It was 7 am, I was tired and the whole place just amazed me.

A closer look at the organ. I really would have liked to try to play it, but for two reasons I passed. A: I can’t play anything. B: I was really afraid of some other neighbour catching me, if suddenly organ tunes were to come from an abandoned building.

A close up of the railing in the upstairs lobby. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks, that those look like, well, uhm.

Of course it’s a suitable decoration for a seminar educating mainly women. In fact this location was chosen in the first place because it was considered remote and peaceful enough for, well, not having any disturbances.

These small stairs lead from the lobby to the scene of the assembly hall.

The stage actually served a double function. It was both the stage and a classroom. The renovations have done no good here either. It’s actually awful what they’ve done with the walls. It looks so cheap.

Wonder, where the besssss ass bitches were, when you needed them.

The upstairs lobby from the other direction. Note the open doors of the assembly hall, which make a perfect row.

A view from the assembly hall. Around a month later a nationwide newspaper made a story about the place, when the owner allowed neighbours and other people interested in the fate of the buildings to visit. I think that even the old lady I met was featured in the article.

From the pictures of the article it was evident, that all these chairs had been thrown over the strangely themed rail downstairs to the main entrance.

The view towards the stage. The army of green chairs scattered around the building is significant in size.

A switchboard of the lights in the assembly hall.

The use of glass tiles is a totally undervalued decoration element.

Another look at the main entrance, which is slowly starting to grow all kinds of things.

And an other look at the old building. I wonder, what lay behind those round windows. I couldn’t find access to that space.

And slowly I’m leaving that part of the complex behind and heading towards the new main building built in the 1930’s.

The old main building also featured a side door. The owners and the town had tried to keep unauthroized visitors away, but hadn’t been very successful.

And so I headed towards the new building. Although nobody had cut the grass in recent weeks, it wasn’t that overgrown. Somebody was taking care of the place after all.

The main entrance to the new building. Again one of the doors was ajar exactly where the old lady had showed me.

And that’s where we’ll go in the next post.

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