Velkua School

The following find wasn’t exactly a find. It was something I knew about, and decided to go and see, if it really was happening.

The municipality of Velkua was a very small island municipality throughout its existence. There were only around 250 people living on some small islands and an even smaller area of land on the continent. The municipality was merged with a larger nearby town in 2009, and after that its citzens were just suburbaneers.

Usually the story is, that all services are discontinued. But in here it was different. The old school built in the early 20th century had become too small. Instead of saving it and building a new one next to it, they chose to directly replace it. The old school would be demolished, and a new one built on its place.

When I arrived, work had already started. And now the pupils of Velkua are studying in a brand new school.

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