Wild Turns for the Nursing Home

When my friend realized where I was driving, she sent me a message about an abandoned nursing home nearby. Built in the early 1930’s as a municipal home, it was enlarged in the 50’s and again in the 80’s.

The latter years of the building were a bit more turbulent. After being closed down it was first planned to be used by a prison, but was in the end hired to a private company providing housing services. It accommodated asylum seekers during the refugee crisis and was then put up for sale for almost a million euros.

In 2018 the central heating system broke up, the property froze and almost all of the iron made radiators of the central heating system split in two. The property was so badly damaged, that the town approved for a demolition permit.

And here I am standing on its backyard after entering through the woods for safety reasons. The 1930’s part is clearly on the right, the 1980’s part on the left and everything in between is from the 1950’s.

Such an elegant building it is. If it hadn’t been for the leak and remote location, I would have seen many possibilities with the place.

A closer look at the 1930’s main building.

One of the entrances. The place probably was in a pretty bad shape even before the water leak.

A look behind the corner, where the 1930’s and 1950’s parts meet.

One of the wings had huge balconies so that the inhabitants could get fresh air.

The balconies revealed no points of entry so I went on to find further adventures.

By late 2021 the property was for sale again.

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