Home Is A Bit Tired, Dear

Abandoned homes next to smaller roads outside cities are a very common sight in Finland. Perhaps they were inherited by people, who never married, perhaps they were built by a couple, who never had children. Or maybe they did, but the children didn’t want to live there. Or broke contact with their parents. Or started arguing with relatives about what to do with the property. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever the reason is, the places exist right there only to be found. But usually they are in a much better state than this old green house.

Technically the house had completely collapsed. Apparently water had found its way in next to the chimney and done the damage.

I actually considered going in at first, but the chaos inside the veranda and the look of the roof gave me second thoughts. The place wasn’t safe.

Time hadn’t treated this property well. Even the dog house had collapsed.

A look inside the veranda shows, that the house will be completely flat in just a matter of years.

The backside of the house looks intact from the outside, but this picture reveals the sad truth. The tractor is a hint, that the inhabitants once had children or perhaps even grandchildren.

I was unable to enter, but luckily I am tall. I was able to raise my phone to a level from which I could photograph inside. I found a pair of trousers covered in moss, carpets, other clothes and sofas and armchairs.

Another look inside into something, which I believe has been a bedroom. If I understand the layout of the house correctly, the room behind the door opening is a kitchen with a large fireplace.

There was also an upstairs, but it was definitely out of bounds.

Next up: the garage. The owners had a car taste similar to mine. Either it had been stored for good before the house was abandoned or then someone had stolen its licence plate for some shady purposes.

Everything that could be removed, had been removed, including the wheels. It’s a shame really, this could have been a nice car.

The auxiliary building. These usually house storage space, the sauna and a privy. It was the only building on the premises, which wasn’t nearing collapse.

I’ll take back the previous statement. This one will be down in a few years too.

This is probably the sauna chamber and the sauna should be to the right. The large couch implicates, that vistors were housed here.

Another common side on yards of old houses in rural areas of Finland: a cowshed. Even this one has collapsed.

It has needed quite a hurricane for the brick building to go into such a shape.

A few years, and this one will be flat too. Unless the municipal authorities realize, that it’s a hazard and demolish everything.

Sleep well, tired little house.

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