My Most Failed Urbexperience

Living in the capital region meant, that I was now able to do a daytrip to almost any of the urbex locations I had read about on other explorers’ sites. And there was one location, which had been intriguing me for quite some time.

Laitmanintie was a small road in Western Espoo, where several one family houses had been abandoned years ago. It was a rather well known place for urban explorers and has been covered by several others, like Urbanex Ninja here, for instance.

One day after a day at work I met with a friend and we took a train to Kauklahti to go to see the place to ourselves. What we hadn’t really taken into account was, that it was late November. When we left Helsinki, we could still see clearly from the train windows. When we arrived, it looked like this.

There wasn’t really much hope of getting good pictures, but as we had come this far, we decided to go check the place out anyway.

What we found about 30 minutes later was really nothing. Just a few heaps of scrap.

Another one.

This was the only solid structure we found. As you can see, it was so dark and foggy, I didn’t manage a single sharp photo.

When we found a dog park on a site, where there were supposed to be houses, we decided to leave. Later we learned, that we weren’t even supposed to find anything. All the houses had burned down or been demolished.

Even later I learned, that there would’ve been still one house, which burned down the following summer. I have never returned from an exploration this empty handed.

But as we say in Finland: Towards new disappointments.

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