The House of Dirty Stories Part III

The stairs were painted shiny dark blue, but were rather dusty. The roof of the rooms on the ground floor seemed quite solid, so we deemed it safe to go upstairs.

The cupboards upstairs had been emtpied just like downstairs. Downstairs it was personal papers, here it was clothes.

Let me take the previous statement back, there was also paper upstairs. Downstairs it was personal papers, here it was books, newspapers and magazines, some of which were pretty old.

In addition to cans of pickled cucumber, pairless shoes are a very common find in abandoned houses.

When we saw the roof, the floor suddenly became a bit more exciting to stand on. We couldn’t see what was below the ripped pieces of wallpaper, so we moved around very carefully.

The window is facing eastwards, so the light was just too bright to capture.

The door seen on the right hand wall in the two previous pictures contained an empty closet.

Years of dust had landed on the floors, but numerous footprints revealed, that the place was a popular destination for explorers like us.

The timber on the walls seemed pretty solid. I think this house could actually still be salvaged, should someone want to live in it.

This is just a belief. But I think the book from the late 1960’s belonged to the kids of the last inhabitant of the house.

News from 1985: the preparations for the 10th anniversary of the OCSE meeting of 1975 are in full swing. They still talk about that meeting in the media.

More news, this time from Lapland: a furniture company has bought premises for their new store, and people are disappointed at how the refurbishment of a river has been handled.

Somebody here was a smoker. The age of the package is difficult to determine, because it’s very similar even today.

This bottle had contained ipeca syrup. It was used to make a person vomit if they had swallowed something poisonous. It hasn’t been used in ages, because safer and better alternatives have been developed. The funny thing is, that at the time I took this photograph, I was working on a short story, where this product had a crucial role.

So this is yet another revelation about myself: I write other things than just this blog, too.

The badge says “take me”. Somehow it reminds me of the 60’s / 70’s hippie movement.

A closer look at yet another pack of tobacco.

An old metallic licorice candy box, which is in a surprisingly good shape despite its age. According to my research this one is from the late 1960’s.

A closer look at the pantyhose seen in an earlier photo. I sent this to my friend, as the character she was playing in a play wore similar ones.

And in the next post we’ll finally find out, why this is the house of dirty stories.

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