Using Faulty Exhaust as a Guiding Light

In June came the time to take my beloved car to its yearly checkup. Despite its rather high 14 year age, it was in a rather good shape. Or so I thought.

Everything was well, until it was time to check the emissions. At that point the inspector said I had no chance of getting through. There was something way out of order with them.

“Perhaps there’s a leak in the exhaust pipe”, he suggested, checked other systems and finally lifted the car up.

A leak was a little underestimate. The tip of the pipe behind the muffler was almost broken with only around a centimetre holding the thing together.

I called the company usually doing maintainance to my car and told me, that they could only offer to exchanche the whole pipe, which would cost around 500 euros. They told me that it was impossible to obtain just the rear end of the pipe through them as they only used licensed spare parts. But there were several companies using unlicensed parts, and you could actually obtain just the rear end of the pipe through them.

I contacted another company and they indeed agreed to do the job for less than 200 euros. This sounded a lot better, so the very next morning I drove to a location I previously knew nothing about. I left the car there and walked to work.

They promised me the car back for the next day, but called already in the afternoon and said that I could pick it up. When my colleague drove me to the place, I noticed this:

What it was? I don’t know. What would happen with it? I don’t know. Did I try to get inside? No. After all, I had quit photographing abandoned buildings.

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