Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XIII

Just another kitchen, but this kitchen looks very different from the identical ones in all the previous posts. This means, that I have left the original dormitory building and entered the newer annex.

The first room I entered was very pink and very bright. I somehow doubt that this was the original colour of the walls.

Here the layout was very different from the old wing. The building had one long, narrow centre corridor. On each floor there was a kitchen and a bathroom and lots of rooms that were absolutely identical.

The bathrooms weren’t very cozy. A couple of toilet cubicles, a couple of shower cubicles, that’s all.

A view of one of the dorm rooms. As you will soon see, these were all identical apart from the colours and the stuff left behind.

The corridor wall had been decorated with a large snowboard themed mural.

The rooms had two shelves, the table had positions for two chairs. Could it really have been that these tiny dorm rooms were designed to accommodate two people? Where was all the privacy in that case?

The layout of this room was a bit differend with the desk on the side of the room. I just hope that the school got to its senses and allowed just one pupil per room.

The poor bike seemed a bit misplaced. It was also missing parts.

It’s not everyday you feel the need to rake inside an abandoned house.

Now let us take a moment to appreciate the true beauty of standardized architecture.

Yes, these are all different rooms. I think there were about eight of them on each floor.

Another bulletin board with lots of instructions.

The first bulletin has instructions in emergency situations written on it. It includes the contact information of the dorm manager, security guard and caretaker as well as the emergency number.

The second bulletin reads as follows:

Everyone takes the thrash from their own room to the container on the parking lot. You take turns to empty the thrash cans of common spaces. Each room does this on their assigned week. The thrash must be emptied from the living room, toilets and bathrooms on tuesday and thursday evenings. The turns start from the first apartments on each floor.

So the interesting thing about the board was, that apparently the old dormitory was for girls and this new dormitory for boys.

The third bulletin has instructions for those who leave before the semester is over.

  1. Clean up your room
  2. Take all the bedsheets (apart from the mattress) to the laundry.
  3. Fill in the departure form and the new application to Välkkylä
  4. We’ll send a more detailed announcement to everybody from Välkkylä.

Ps. We need all free beds for the spring and if someone only needs a place for the last week, that will be arranged.

I still think the old wooden elevators were much more classy than more modern steel ones.

As the dorm rooms here were so interesting, I’ll now show you pictures of all of them on the second floor.

Just kidding. In my next post we’ll be going to the basement.

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