Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XIV

The first room down here was the graveyard of bikes.

A dusty electic piano has been left behind.

Behind the piano was a corridor very similar to the one on all the floors above. But I didn’t expect to find apartments here.

The rooms here were larger and were apparently used by the pupils for their hobbies.

The piano was a great hint. This one was used as a band training room. The boxes have contained music equipment, which have somehow strangely vanished.

The setlist of a band was written on the blackboard along with the chords of Kaija Koo’s Tinakenkätyttö. I’m pretty certain this band was a girl band: most of their songs were by female lead singers like those of Jenni Vartiainen and Stella.

A strange office like space with an odd mixture of instant coffee and badminton rackets.

This place looked like a mattress storage.

And this one like an ordinary dorm room. They really weren’t that short of space that they made pupils sleep in the basement, were they?

Another messy storage room.

I hadn’t seen school desks anywhere else in the dormitory. Either the school used the basement as a storage or then these were used as classrooms.

They had clearly started cleaning, but somehow forgotten it.

What, a second basement below the basement?

Not really. The old part of the dormitory had a different room height than the new part. They both had separate basements, which were connected. And now it’s time to go back once again to the original building and see what was hidden below it.

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