Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XII

I did threaten to leave at the end of my last post, didn’t I? Well, forget it. I’m not quite done yet. But before new adventures, we’ll have to go back where it all started from.

The lobby / common room once again. It’s not very well visible here, but the 40’s and 50’s built houses had a feature I really loved. You could know the location of the lobby or restaurant of the buildings by the different windows. All the other ones in this building were square shaped and equally apart, but the ones on the left were rectangular and closer to each other.

I took a look at the canteen in the common room and found these texts which puzzled me a lot. The only “Tane” I could think of was Kolikko-Tane (Coin-Tane), a former seaman known for roaming the strees asking for coins in his special way. He turned 56 in May 2011, so it may well have been possible that this was a tribute to him.

The canteen was a mess. It was close to the main entrance and because of that a lot of unauthorized people were hanging out there.

A strange feature of abandoned buildings: gatherings of coffee machines. I’ve seen a bundle like these elsewhere, too.

Welcome! Leave your coat and feel at home.

Instructions for the common room: Close the windows, shut the lights during holidays and don’t take the newspaper away.

Is that the lights? Or the air conditioning? Wonder what would happen if I pressed a button.

This means business: The dormitory office.

The dormitory manager has left a note telling he’s going on vacation. It seems like he never returned.

While the manager’s been enjoying his vacation, he had a break in.

He seemed like a popular man, the manager. Lots of cards from different vacations and important days.

There were a few office spaces on the first floor. The box claims to contain 90 catechisms, so the spirits of the pupils were safe.

It really has been quite some time since OTP was a force in Finnish football. Almost 30 years around now.

I’m quite puzzled again.

A kitchen and all the medication and vitamins of the last inhabitant.

Somebody left all their photos behind.

Overall this kitchen looks like a very messy place. And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s different from all the other kitchens in the building so far.

So wait a second, where have I come?

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