Smells Like Teen Spirit Part X

The attic was very different from the lower floors of the building.

You really couldn’t be too careful when moving around. Everything on the floor, whether it was remains of a plate, door glass or wall glass, was very sharp.

This room looked almost like it was reserved for hobby crafts. Did teens do that sort of things in the 2000’s?

This room was just a random mess. The floor tiles have started to loosen.

The first thing looks like a sewing machine, but what are the other two?

There was an impressive collection of fabric to play with.

The one who made these did have some talent. If I didn’t have the principle of never taking anything with me, I’d have loved to rescue the happy clown to my kitchen.

Poor Sibelius.

Painting and decorating china seemed to be a popular hobby here. Someone didn’t appreciate this, though.

The next room behind the glass walls was the dorm library.

It had been pretty extensive. In addition to youth literature it contained lots of books for studying.

Someone had really put in lots of effort to thrash the place.

I really would love to have one of those. I’d sit in front of my desk, drink whisky, smoke and write all my blog posts with it.

So someone comes to the library, thrashes the place and leaves all grammar books intact? If I had the urge to break things up, I’d have started from here.

Perhaps the roof windows gave this library a cozy light, who knows. Now it was completely dark, because they had been blocked by snow.

I was pretty puzzled by everything the attic had offered me so far. And there’s more to come in the next post.

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