Smells Like Teen Spirit Part IX

All right, one more of these living rooms. But somehow this setup reminds me of GTA Vice City. I mean, look at the 80’s furniture and beer cans.

The final inhabitant really was a soft soul. Winnie the Pooh cards and a heart shaped toilet sign tell it all.

This seems like a food related essay. Someone has written about where to get fibre, what effects it has and how much fibre they’ve eaten.

Broken glass really was a major feature in this building.

Some more instructions. The yellowish sheet contains instructions on where to call in certain situations, the other one is a fire rescue map. Somebody cut the lines, though, I think.

There are days when you forget that for years somebody made a business by printing telephone catalogues and distributing them to homes all around the world.

I’ve seen a lot of mess in this building, but the lack of graffiti was significant.

Such a nice cover for the window board. The 90’s had its good sides, you know.

Discount coupons. With these you could get discount from physioterapy, haircuts, pizza and gym memberships. And a lot else too, I guess.

Now, look closely. This is the final dorm apartment of this type you’ll see.

Because after a shot featuring extremely worn out paint in the ceiling…

…we are finally going up to the attic.

Welcome to the world of slightly lighter glass walls and loads of notebooks and magazines.

And narrower, darker and lower corridors than downstairs.

Nobody lived here. Like on the first floor, the attic was common space for the inhabitants.

The pillars supporting the building were nicely shaped.

The place looked a lot like an office space. But who would have their offices in the attic of a student dormitory?

A corridor with glass walls looked really inviting. Let’s explore it further in the next post.

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