Smells Like Teen Spirit Part XI

Someone has actually written a book about using a slipstick correctly? If something is vintage, this is.

The library was a really strange space. It occupied most of one side of the building but was very narrow.

A weaving loom? In a former school dormitory? I wonder, what the box contains.

The walls in the attic have suffered a lot more than downstairs.

The other half of the attic opposide the library was just a cold space

That’s enough calls for now, children.

What a cozy corner to hang out. I actually wonder why this one existed, as there was a much lighter and comfortable common room downstairs.

I just love the happy and colorful bugs.

This table was selected to move with the students to the new dormitory very close by. The students left, the table was left alone. And it’s probably in the junkyard by now despite waiting for all those years for a saviour.

The frozen mirrors look pretty creepy.

The closet and the bench match perfectly.

Of course even the attic was fitted with toilets.

Another familiar object. The darker green thing on the left is a Christmas tree stand and the one my family had was extremely similar.

The empty chair is waiting for a good ass.

The final carpets woven in this building have stayed here for years. I’m not really sure about the colour eye of the maker, though.

The exit signs were pretty funny. It can’t be seen here, but the arrows actually had heads to three different directions and there was a door and a man on both sides of it. When hanging the sign up you could then remove the right parts so that it displayed correct. Imagine making a mistake here.

But this is the same door that I entered through. I surely do not plan to exit quite yet, do I?

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