Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VIII

Look, I know already, that beginning each post with a shot like this from the stairway doesn’t bring me any new fans. But it gives me structure, ok?

Here’s something only Finns will understand.

I bet the teachers told you not to rock on your chair.

The funny thing was I couldn’t recall seeing a window like that anywhere in the building.

This apartment has a funny name. The local pedestrian street is called Rotuaari. Rotuvaari is a title awarded yearly to someone, who has done an exceptional job in developing the city center.

The poor lonely sock.

If there was any water in the central heating system, when the radiator was ripped off the wall, there must have been quite a leak.

Oh, and the painter has been pretty lazy when putting in the blue finish.

I think a local hotel lost something.

The higher up I got, the more damage there was to the building probably not caused by vandals but the weather.

Another set of rules. In case the girl rules in the previous post weren’t enough.

They should have written rules for this, too. I mean, the beer belongs in the fridge, not on it.

A local newspaper distributed for free. And below it: a whole bunch of instructions in a plastic wrap.

This will be the last TV for now. I promise.

Some whitecurrant-blueberry-raspberry-juice for you? It’s from 2007, which was an especially good year for us.

A magazine with readers’ stories. This one was about the teacher translating a sentence from the pupils a bit wrong making them feel embarassed.

Clocks like these were a very common sight in Finnish public buildings. Actually they still are.

I hope the red stuff there is just a scratch of paint.

Somebody burned something on the stove.

A few more rooms left before the attic. But before that it’s time to grab a beer.

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