Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VII

I really did feel heartly welcome here.

When trying to make up something to write about this photo, I realized, I don’t know how to use things like that. I better learn before the next power outage.

Anybody ever wondered, what’s inside a door? Well, here’s the answer.

Why not have an even closer look.

I was starting to suspect, that this side of the building was completely reserved for girls’ dormitory.

By now I pretty much knew, how the apartments looked like. The excitement was in how they were thrashed and what random things had been left behind in them.

Compared to many of the other ones, this one was a huge mess.

A picture of an abandoned building inside an abandoned building. Wow, this really is something.

They really need to improve their cleaning skills.

A seven-year dust has landed on the floor.

Where did this come from?

Wait, maybe it wasn’t dust after all. Maybe he’s the culprit.

This was my absolute all time favourite in the building. Two walls full of rules for boys on how to treat girls. I won’t translate them, but let’s have a closer look for the Finns anyway.

Part one…

I don’t think I could follow all these rules. There’s no way.

One more floor to go, and then it’s time for the attic.

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