Smells Like Teen Spirit Part VI

All the balconies on the main stairway were boarded up. The reason probably was, that teenagers used fire stairs to climb to them and break inside the building. This far up the windows were no longer broken.

KKK was here?

It says “sold” on the red sheets of paper. Whatever has been sold has been removed.

On this floor everything else was blue except for the tiling in the kitchen which was similar to all other floors.

Does it qualify as vintage?

This one definitely does, as it is older than me. How do I know? Because we had an exactly similar one in my childhood home.

I find him rather creepy.

Everything else seems to be standardized apart from the mirrors.

Although the apartment had been broken into, this floor seemed to have suffered much less violence than the previous ones.

Pippi Longstocking studied here? In Oulu?? Or was it you, Ronald McDonald?

Another innovative way of breaking into an apartment.

Melting snow made the view rather blurry. The funny thing is that the white building on the left is a part of the complex housing the new school for kids with special needs, which replaced the old Lohipato school, which I had explored earlier.

A familiar view already, isn’t it?

The similar blue notebooks found in almost every kitchen are user manuals for the kitchen appliances.

Frozen juice. Yummy!

I really can’t blame the people, who have come here to hang out and drink alcohol. I mean it is cozy, although the air is pretty bad.

A new feature in this apartment: the lamps.

So the gloves have been sold too? Hope they didn’t pay too much.

Finns do love to queue for free buckets. This poor bucket has been abandoned, though. Please don’t take a summer bucket.

Poor plants.

A cold pack has exploded.

So whoever lived in this rotten dormitory could afford a gift pack from the most expensive department store in town? Wow.

Ok, so the show’s been cancelled for tonight. To be continued.

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