Smells Like Teen Spirit Part V

So this is what happens, when you smash the glass above the stove. Hopefully it will never happen to me when cooking something.

Another note forbidding showers after 10pm. And somebody asking, is it a sin.

This toilet has met its fate.

So has this phone.

Here the inhabitants had decorated the walls. And it looks a little like somebody set their decorations on fire.

That’s a pretty scary way to decorate a mirror. Reminds me of Japanese horror films, where wild hair appears everywhere.

Another former tv, I think.

The drawings raise some questions. Were they here before the place was abandoned? If not, did the dormitory manager know about them? And if he did, did he approve?

The final inhabitants left some of their clothes behind.

I hope the mattress was a little less mouldy, when students lived here.

So this was the office of student dormitory plants, I guess.

Just another smashed door.

It takes suprisingly little power to break glass like this. I have my reasons for knowing it.

The collapsed cupboard housed old magazines and music sheets.

Didn’t see this coming. The sheets were to a very old Finnish folk music song.

Somebody took “break a leg” a bit too literally? I think the rest of this body was located in the common room downstairs.

That is not a stove.

The people in this apartment had three frying pans, their neighbours had none. Wonder, who stole them.

They had frying pans but their kitchen cupboards had vanished in return. Overall this place seemed like one, where stuff roamed pretty freely between rooms and apartments. So I wonder, where I’ll find the cupboards. In the attic, maybe?

Or well, half of them were still in place. The jar on the stove is pasta sauce.

The floor plan of the building. And a strange basket with flowers.

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