Smells Like Teen Spirit Part IV

As you can see from the gap, it was completely light outside – and very dark inside.

What? Windows that are still intact? What is this?

Oh dear! The vandals have really failed here.

Oh no, they haven’t. These vandals just practiced for a career in mining industry.

This kitchen had several holes dug in its walls.

The table claims to have been sold. Nobody has picked up their purchase, however.

This apartment had a different mirror! This find actually motivated me to keep going deeper. Maybe I’d find something else than similar apartments, similar furniture and smashed tv:s.

Why does this lost stove remind me of this guy?

Time and moisture have started to take their toll.

A shower has been shut down because of overheating. I believe the last months in this breaking up building with very bad air quality must have been a nightmare.

The school even had printed copies of the Old Testament. The text on the broken pages is from Joshua’s book. Had to google it to find out.

So in a building, where almost everything else is broken, somebody has left a puzzle intact? or did the local youth drink beer and build it after the place was abandoned?

The booklets on the couch are manuals for kitchen appliances.

A second intact tv? Oh my!

A standard feature of the rooms were tiny baskets with plastic flowers. How cozy.

The curtains were about the only thing that was different in each apartment. Wonder, if they were a part of the furniture or brought by the occupants.

Rubber gloves and bolt rings? Now we’re getting weird here.

The cover of one of the smoke detectors beeping inside the abandoned building.

One of the few shots I managed to take in the hallways. This was basically it. An apartment in both ends of it, one in the middle. It wasn’t very innovative.

A leaflet promoting contact information to local libraries. A strange find, as the dormitory was located right next to the school, which was less than a kilometer away from the city’s main library, which isn’t featured here.

Another very informative bulletin on the sorry state of this building.

“Avoid taking a shower after 10 pm during silence, as because of the heating we have to close air conditioning after 11 pm and the showers have to dry.”

Wait a second, what? I’m not an engineer, but I… oh, never mind.

So they seem to have had real plants, too. That one probably is beoynd saving.

THE RIGHT THING TO DO is to switch off the lights ALWAYS when you leave the room.

And also when going to bed. Goodnight, to be continued.

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