Bored on a Summer Evening

Almost two years had passed since my last explorations in abandoned buildings. There were two main reasons for that. The first one was that I had no time. I studied two degrees and worked three jobs. The second reason was, that there was nothing new to explore in my home town. I had already visited the most interesting places I had heard of, the rest had been demolished before I had gotten the chance to enter.

I graduated and left one of my jobs. Suddenly I had time to see my friends. On a really hot July day we went swimming with two of them, we had ice cream downtown and tea at my friend’s place. It was late in the evening, and we had ran out of things to do.

“You go to those abandoned places, don’t you”, my friend asked me.

“Yeah, but it’s been a while since the last one. Seen all the ones in town already.”

“Well take us to some of the old ones, then. We wanna go too!”

The only place left was the power plant of Martinniemi sawmill. It was a clear and warm summer night, perfect for an adventure. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I did take a few shots using my phone. They’re not of very good quality.

If I recall correctly, this one is from the backside of the building. There were extremely rusty metallic stairs to the left of the window, and they led to a basement door which was the easiest way to enter after they demolished the steps to the main entrance to prevent us from going in.

The control panel looks pretty much the same as during my last visit. A few more tags have appeared.

The graffiti is also a new addition. It’s around 10 pm and the sun is still up.

Here’s something I did not photograph during my last visit. At the back there’s a narrow corridor going through turquouise, metallic cupboards. They’ve contained some electric equipment, but are now all broken up.

Another view on the interior of the power plant. If you compare the view to the photos from my last visit, you can see, that the condition of this place has deteriorated a lot since my last visit.

Photos from my previous visit can be found here.

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