The Dancing Ghost of the School

After the disappointing trip to the Lohipato school, I needed new challenges with abandoned buildings. When I called the construction company to arrange the return of the keys they had given me, I already had an idea. I asked them, If I could borrow them again in a few weeks.

“If you want to go again, just keep them and return them when you are ready”, they said.

I was pretty novice as a photographer, but eager to learn. I had previously tested my skills by shooting my friends’ dance shows. While roaming through the mainly empty school, I suddenly got an idea. What if I combined these two interests of mine and photographed a dancer in the empty school?

I called my friend with the idea. I asked her to wear a simple white dress. She would become the dancing ghost of the school.

This was just an appetizer. See the rest of the photos in the gallery.

Or check out what the school looked like without a dancer.

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