The School for the Special Salmon Part V

The last part of my exploration begins on the second floor of the final, unexplored wing.

This was something I hadn’t found in any other part of the building: a room with inner glass walls.

Let’s have a closer look behind the sofa. The sign says: “Emergency exit. The route must remain unblocked”. Someone didn’t believe in signs here.

I really wonder what they needed the showers for in here, as this was far away from the sauna, pool and gym.

As you can see, autumn is slowly creeping in making the leaves red and yellow.

So which one is lost? The washing machine, the bicycle or the plastic flower?

A final look at the classrooms here. I had spent around two hours in the school and was suffering of the same mild symptoms as in the previous school. I started having headache, a sore throat and an acid taste in my mouth. The air quality was very bad.

I then did something I usually avoid doing.

I entered the basement.

Here’s the main reason for the school’s abandonment. A pipe had burst and flooded the basement. Water was apparently as high as the mark on the wall, and everything down here was now damaged by moisture.

Most of the basement was solely about random wide corridors and pipes.

There were still some leaks in the pipes. Or then they were new leaks. This one seems a bit smaller than the one which damaged the school.

I only found two rooms in the basement. The first one was this storage room with a flat tire.

The second one was this cave, where a neverending halloween was being celebrated.

A part of the horror showcase were election commercials of the True Finns.

The room had once been a cozy cave, obviously in use by the pupils.

Umm, what exactly tid they teach here?

A detail of the water damage.

I had now explored every single square metre of the school apart from the gym, where the boxers were still training.

So, time to leave. I still was a bit disappointed, though, as this place was rather boring for an abandoned house. But a new idea was already forming in my mind.

I would return.

Meanwhile all the photos from this location can be viewed in the gallery.

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