The School for the Special Salmon Part IV

Like I said earlier, this wasn’t one of the most interesting buildings to photograph. There was just lots and lots of empty space. But every now and then something came up.

The room was otherwise completely empty. And then in one corner there was a huge pile of party magazines for the True Finns, back then a right wing populist party, who now is openly more and more racist and flirting with facism. Not a thing you’d expect to find in a school.

When I was a kid we had a similar microwave owen at home. Oh the nostalgy.

Something happened with the wall on the right.

In this part of the school the chaos was more evident. Here they had actually done quite a lot to demolish the interior.

There were even nice balconies, both on the ground floor and the first floor.

This had nothing to do with the True Finns. One room of the school was occupied by this massive pile of free car newspapers, which had never been delivered.

Everything else was gone. Apart from first aid instructions and what to do in case of an emergency.

The cans of paint and the hoover confused me. Were they trying to demolish this place or renovate it?

The destruction actually looked like one of my projects. I always start something with a bang, then get bored and leave it as it is.

Such a nice office they have here.

One classroom contained information about aerial mapping and a calendar made by a local mobile retailer. The Nokia logo described earlier may have had something to do with this business, but all the traces of this connection had vanished.

Another classroom with a nice panoramic window. This one would have made a cozy one room apartment, wouldn’t it?

Another empty classroom, another messed up blackboard.

Empty rooms.

The floors and walls were a little different in every room.

The first signs of vandalism could be seen here. Who made these, is unknown to me, as there were no broken windows or doors.

The attic promised a lot, yet it was just full of useless random junk.

Time to start our descent towards the final post from this adventure.

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