The Quiet School by the Market Square Part III

The main stairway, like the one at the end of the building, was decorated with pupil made murals.

We entered the first classroom and were disappointed. This one was exactly like all the previous ones. There was only more stuff left here than downstairs. Then we exited, and managed to have a look back towards the direction we came from.

There was a large glass cabinet with the school’s collection of stuffed birds left behind. Showcases like this were in every old school in Finland back in the days, but they have now largely vanished.

Like the case with almost everything in this building, some of the birds had been removed and taken somewhere. These poor ones were left behind.

This is one of the three gymnasiums in the school. It’s so sad they don’t build stages like that anymore.

The side rooms next to the stage contained sports equipment and a speaker’s podium.

My former school had stairs like this leading to the stage, too. It was always so super exciting to be there, as it really was out of bounds for us.

Yet again the same old story. Someone had started dismantling the wall bars, then decided it was not worth it and just left everything as it was.

The entrance to the gymnasium was through this wide door, which seemed to have fallen slightly out of place. Note the stairs trying to eat the poor pillar.

One of the few broken things in the school was this mysterious hole in the wall. My only explanation would be, that they had taken some samples from the walls to determine the future life (or death sentence) of the building.

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