The Quiet School by the Market Square Part II

In my previous post we explored a rather boring ground floor of an abandoned school. This time it’s time to start ascending the stairs.

There were large pupil made murals in the staircase. They were all very well done and quite spectacular.

The first floor corridor was emptier, yet darker than the one on the ground floor.

The classrooms were all pretty similar and had their blackboards removed. Most of the stuff had been taken away, but every here and there there was something left behind.

Once again same, same but different. The walls were previously green, but have been painted over at some point. Why some classrooms had escaped painting, is unclear.

Old Finnish schools are always full of these. Usually they show flowers, trees or mushroom, this one shows, how something functions. What that something is, is a completely different question.

This classroom was slightly different and smaller than the others.

Once again: same, same. But different.

Here they had taken the blackboard away , but left the model letters on the walls.

The first floor lobby. Whatever has been on the wall isn’t there anymore.

A view from the first floor lobby to the school yard taken from above the main entrance. The yard seemed like a really boring place.

Time to explore the next floor. And I can promise you: the higher up we get, the more interesting this gets.

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