Nightmares Revisited Part VI

Out we are again. The stairs and the platform next to the low wing part were all covered in glass.

Down in the basement we go. This part of it had natural light coming in, and contained sinks and showers. This is apparently, where the butchers had washed themselves after a long day of hard work.

After that they went to the locker room to change. These lockers seem very different than those stored in the wing of the building. I believe these to be original ones and the others to have been brought here later by someone.

There were even name tags left on some of the lockers. I hope this person lived a good life since the abattoir closed.

The basement continued far below the building, but it was quite a maze and it was pitch dark. Somehow the corridor led to the mouldy room described in the first post, I think. We didn’t follow it furter, and went back up instead.

Behind the open door in the middle of the picture was a large storage room filled with bags of pig fodder and empty boxes with shrimp. There was also a small office space containing the railway map of Finland and again numerous folders of the bankrupt food wholesale company. It turned out the company had shipped huge amounts of shirmp to one of the largest hotels in the area by train. But that was years ago. There was another door to the left.

And behind it was yet another stunning view of approximatly anything you can think of. Boxes, furniture, clothes, bikes… Once again we were pretty amazed.

A view of the same room taken from the other direction. Things have just been brought here. I had to google Distrimex out of curiosity. It’s a major supplier of fresh food and vegetables. You can also see containers of some less fresh vegetables next to the pillar.

This room was in the front of the building right next to the facade. There was another small office space, more furniture, boxes and several fridges. They looked like they were from a supermarket, but this place surely hadn’t been a supermarket.

There weer several big cold rooms. In here there was yet another bike, loads of boxes and pig fodder. Apparently the cold room was full of pig fodder, too.

The sun was going down very beautifully, as we exited the main building.

Here’s one more look up the tower in the evening sun. During daytime the building actually looks quite beautiful.

Time to see, what the power station and garage had to offer. But that’s for the next and last post from this place for now to find out.

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