Nightmares Revisited Part V

Back down we go then. As the third floor had been all about apartments, I expected to find them on the second floor, too. This, however, proved not to be the case.

What we found instead was an office space full of documents belonging to a company which had operated in the building after the abattoir had closed down. There were dozens of shelves apparently containing lots of sales and financial information just left there for anyone to browse through.

In addition to the files there was art. Several paintings. Either they had been somewhere in the building or brought in later by the mysterious collector, who had filled the place with all kinds of stuff.

There was a large glass wall separating the offices from the corridor. Behind you can see yet another shelf with archive files and a toilet. There was also a bathroom with a tub and…

… a vault. Judging by the location of other walls, there is a full room behind that door. What’s in it, a gold treasure or just some rotten archives, we will never know.

But the next room houses yet again a major surprise. The whole floor was covered in bags of clothes, which had been ripped open. The sea of old fabric was knee high. These had definitely been brought here by someone.

Behind the office was access to the attic above the low wing of the building. The photos I took there failed pretty miserably, but there was a collection of stuff from the time the abattoir operated in the building – commercials, recipe leaflets and even large, heavy blocks with the abattoir’s logo on them.

Seeing this makes me try to recall, when was the last time I drank bulk beer from a bottle. They sell it all in cans now.

On the second floor was another balcony. This time they hadn’t smashed the door, only the glass.

There was also an apartment on the second floor. I still don’t know, what’s on the walls. If you once again take a look at the picture taken on my first visit more than a year earlier, almost everything is as it was. The only thing that has been moved is the red canister, which has mysteriously travelled 15 centimetres to the left. This could go well down as a pair of spot five differences pictures.

There was a beautiful and pretty original looking fireplace in the living room.

There was also quite a mess. The third floor had all in all escaped devastation much better than the second floor. Maybe the vandals were lazy.

I particularly like this picture because of how the light comes in. I didn’t touch the boxes, they were like that from the beginning.

Such fine curtains. You could well imagine a princess bed beneath them rather than the dirty mattress.

This post ends with a close up of the stove in the second floor apartment. In the next post we’ll take a look at the basement (yikes)

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